ROI: ...depends on emotions triggered by the artistic concept of a photograph.
Blooming Trees: Some local trees bloom spectacular once or twice a year in yellow or purple or red or white. 
Shadows: The sun draws beautiful shadows for exteriors and interiors at different times of day for each scene.
Twilight: For a few minutes twice a day the lights of a building have the same intensity as the sunlight. 
Flash: The mood of an interior scene can dramatically change by using strobes and light modifiers.
Staging: Every tiny detail counts in order to set attractions, and to avoid distractions.
Horizontal Field of View: 30-90 degrees.
Branding: Overlaying your logo on a photo creates a stand-alone re-shareable advertisement for social media.
Files: Instagram branded (200kB), website unbranded (2MB), printable (20MB), editable 16bit TIFF (200MB).
Time on Location: ... minutes to hours per photo, including lighting setup and waiting for ideal sunlight direction.
Editing Time: ... minutes to days per photo, depending on complexity.
Pricing: ... depends on usage. (Instagram, editorial, billboard, resort marketing, designer's portfolio,...)
Payment: ... is required after approving proofs, and before downloading and commercially using finals.
Copyright: ... stays with the photographer. Only specified licensed usage rights are sold.