Photography on and near Anna Maria Island
Light & Shadow
Sunlight and shadows for exteriors, and for most interior scenes look best at different times of day for each scene.
For this reason photography can take a whole day from sunrise to sunset to capture each scene in its best light.

Architectural and Interior Design Photography (no usage time limit)
Time of day is determined by the most beautiful direction of sunlight.
Typical time on location ~ 1 hour per photo.
Typical price $100/photo.
Cost sharing (architect, builder, interior designer): +50% per additional licensee, when purchased at the same time.
3rd party licensing not purchased at the same time are priced at three times the base price.

Vacation Rental Photography (no usage time limit):
daylight exteriors/interiors: $20/photo | drone: $50/photo | twilight: $200/photo
3D floor plan add-on: depends on complexity
60 second video: $600
Time on location ~ 15 minutes per photo. Typically full day to capture most beautiful light for each scene.

MLS Photography (usage rights for the duration of the listing):
daylight exteriors/interiors: $5/photo | drone: $20/photo | twilight: $200/photo
virtual staging add-on: $100/image for 1st preview render + $10 per additional variation preview render
3D floor plan add-on: depends on complexity
60 second video: $600
Time on location ~ 5 minutes per photo, typical 8am - noon for 48 photos. Image delivery by end of next day.

Payment and Licensing Agreement
Pick your favorites from proofs online. Request editing if needed.
You only pay for photos you select as finals. Download after paying online by CreditCard via PayPal.
The invoice contains the image usage license, to which you agree to by paying.

File Formats
Editable | Printable | Website

Day Rates | Creative Fees | Travel Fees
On and near Anna Maria Island I don't charge a day-rate or a creative fee or a travel fee. The licensing fee covers it all.

Minimum Order Value for Photography on Location (per visit):
Anna Maria Island: $50 | Longboat Key: $100 | Elsewhere in Manatee & Sarasota County: $200

Usage Rights
Usage rights can be exclusive or non-exclusive.
Exclusive rights means only you have the rights to use the images. The photographer has only portfolio usage rights.
Non-exclusive rights means the photographer can license the images to relevant 3rd parties. (architect, designer, builder,...)

*Other Licensed Usage
Please request a quote with usage specifics.

Please use the email button in upper right for initial contact. I'll reply with my iPhone number.