Why do I post these ideas instead of starting a business?

I don’t have the resources to make these ideas become reality. However, I would be happy to be part of a team that works on the creation. Some of these ideas would be best done none-profit.

Crowd Based Medical Diagnostic Logics Tree


Patients, ER doctors, and all other doctors could benefit from computer help in diagnosing. Many rare diagnoses take years only because nobody had the time to google the problem for a year. Google for a year? Right. Google is great, but for diagnosis it will take a different approach to get results in seconds, that currently would take months of googling the National Institute of Health database and other trusted resources.

Current best solution:

There are software products and websites with symptom based differential diagnostic functions. However, from my personal experience, those have severe limitations. This biggest problem is the missing ability to analyze a complex symptom list.

The Solution:

Entering a few symptoms of a rare case should quickly give a very short differential diagnosis list, containing all known rare cases ever reported in medical history. This requires a logics tree that connects all known symptoms and causes, and also runs a simulation of the functions of the human body, including possible malfunctions, in the background. The database could be started for example with the online Merck Manuals. However, like Wikipedia, human input is needed to enter the information about rare cases with symptoms and causes, for example from publications in the NIH database. Pier review evaluates the entries and grades them in believability. If thousands of medical researchers worldwide enter this information on a continuous basis, this database could grow to be very powerful quickly.

Improved Nasal Dilator


Getting enough oxygen ideally through the nose optimizes body and brain performance 24/7.

Current best solution:

In my opinion, WoodyKnows is currently the best nasal dilator. Since I use it 24/7 I mostly can breath through my nose only, without getting oxygen deprivation.

The improvement:

Every nose is different. There must be a way to have an adjustable dilator to optimize performance. I see a possible improvement of factor 2 compared to the current best dilator. This would be a huge improvement in oxygen supply. How that is doable is the big question. Micro-mechanics with springs similar to the springs in eyeglass frames might be one solution.