Architectural, interiors and scenic photography on Anna Maria Island + Manatee/Sarasota County
Process: Some projects benefit from long term planning. Some trees here bloom spectacularly twice a year. If one is prominently part of the scene, it might be worth waiting half a year for full bloom. The best time of day is based on the direction of shadows, which could be a different time of day for different scenes of the same project. So, a set of photos of a building's exterior and interior might take a few days, considering the timing for sunlight direction. Wireless strobes with light-modifiers provide precise fill-light for small interiors where needed. In ultra-large interiors no strobes are used. Aspect ratios are chosen based on aesthetics, mostly 3:2 and 1:1. Occasionally I convert a photo into black and white to emphasize shapes by eliminating colors as a distracting factor.
PostProcessing|Editing: LightRoom|PhotoShop
Files: Instagram 1080JPG 200kB, Website 2048JPG 2MB, Print 6000JPG 20MB, Editable 16bit TIFF 200MB
Options: Branding, AD design, multilayer composition, object erasing, sky replacement, TV screen overlay.

Other Services:
Glare-free cross-polarization-photography of 2D|3D art, products, prints, negatives, and slides.
One-on-one teaching about the technical aspects of the above services.

RFP|RFQ: Please contact me with your project details.